“Nichts kann die Seele nähren wie das Licht.”




15-30 min

15 to 30 minutes

Duration: 6 to 16 months

If you have reached the duration of 6 to 16 months you are able to look continuously for 30 minutes into the sun.

What happens when you reach 30 minutes of Sungazing?

Build-up phase
The additional and unadulterated energy through the sun is used to clean up disharmonies more deeply in the thinking, feeling and the physical body and to build up the natural functionalities of the these. All three bodies are affected in this phase. Sungazing in the second phase from 15 to 30 minutes has in particular depending influence on the first two bodies, as well as first effects on the physical body, thus on our thinking, our emotions, our vitality and health. You will notice in this time supplementary to the effects of the beginning phase the following:

Mental body

    • Silence of thoughts
    • First spiritual insights
    • Inserting intuition
    • Inspiration
    • Creativity
    • Deconditioning of the mind
    • Psychoses and other mental illnesses lose their strength


Emotional body

    • Uncaused joy becomes more permanent
    • Moments of deep peace and unconditional love appear
    • “Positive” emotions are conductive
    • Shame disappears
    • Fears and anxiety fade
    • Loneliness is an experience of the past


Physical body

    • More vitality
    • Reinforced libido
    • Less breaks needed
    • First signs that less sleep and / or food is needed


70 to 80 percent of the energy we derive from food is consumed by the brain and used to maintain tension and worry. With less mental and emotional tension, the brain needs less energy than before. As you continue with Sungazing and your tensions get lessened, the energy consumers are also shut down one by one. This means that the energy from your system can be used for more meaningful activities – e.g. for the healing & build up phase. This will make other sources of energy supply less necessary over time.

If you look continuously into the sun for 30 minutes you will gradually be freed from physical suffering, because at that time, all the rays of the sun will have reached the brain through the eyes. The brain regulates the colored chi or prana flow to the appropriate organs and all are supplied with the necessary color prana. Our organs are dependent on certain sun-color prana. The color reaches the organ and supplies any defect. This is the process of being freed from most mental suffering over a period of six to sixteen months and starting the physical healing.

Photosynthesis transforms solar energy into a usable chemical energy format. Photosynthesis, and this is our misunderstanding, does not necessarily require chlorophyll. Only the plant kingdom needs it. The human body can convert the energy through another medium. The eyes perceive the full color spectrum of the sun, which supplies the various parts of the body as needed by the brain. As a result, you will be freed from mental, emotional and physical suffering. An intermediate medium for energy transport, such as plants and animals, are not needed. When you practice Sungazing, this energy is not further consumed in mental tension and physical ailments, instead the energy level in the bodies will increase.

Some life tasks are challenging and require good decisions. After 30 minutes of Sungazing you develop a clearer awareness of what is significant and what is insignificant, what to do and what to let go. You will have a balance of mind that will make finding personally meaningful answers easier.

If you are positive and free of fear, you will not harm or cause pain to anyone. You will become a compassionate person. This is a great contribution to world peace. Such a positive approach leads to solutions to the problems and wastes of our society. The abuse of body and nature will cease. Everything changes after this phase.

30 - 44 min

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