“Wir können leicht einen Kind vergeben, das Angst vor der Dunkelheit hat; die wahre Tragödie des Lebens ist aber, wenn Männer Angst vor dem Licht haben.”




30-44 min

30 to 44 minutes

Duration: 9 to 24 months

If you have reached the duration of 30 to 44 months you are able to look continuously for 44 minutes into the sun.

What happens when you reach 44 minutes of Sungazing?

The optimization phase
The additional and unadulterated energy of the sun is used to clean up deepest disharmonies in the thinking, the feeling and the physical body, to build up the natural functionality and to optimize towards the ideal state. Mental, emotional and physical bodies are optimized and work in greater harmony. Most people do not say what they think and do not do what they say. In this phase, the energy of the three bodies is synchronized, which not only makes you more authentic, but also gives your life more clarity, spirit, fullness and stability. The energy needed to heal and build up enables higher levels of brain and body function. So you will discover the following during this time:

Mental body

    • Moments of pure awareness
    • Deepened discernment between truth and imagination
    • Reinforced intuition
    • Immediate knowledge
    • Deeper illusions are deleted
    • Spiritual ignorance fades

Emotional body

    • Omnipresent joy is your natural state
    • Deeper fears, such as the fear of death, fade
    • Feelings of unity with all beings
    • Unshakeable peace and unconditional love become guiding
    • “Normal” emotions such as anger, sadness, restlessness, disappointment, insult, arrogance, powerlessness, loneliness, … are rare conditions for you and can even disappear completely


Physical body

    • Vitality that is used as an expression of joy
    • Healthy libido, without feeling driven
    • Significantly more vitality that flows through you peacefully
    • Significantly less sleep, until then that hardly any sleep is needed
    • Significantly less food, until then  that hardly any food is needed: breatharianism (light food)

I would like to focus on some effects in a particular way because this may seem unusual for a  normal-thinking person. Spiritually, however, it is only a consequence because with the help of the sun you learn to love yourself, the Self, which changes the whole life, first of all your own life and furthermore you inspire others. The light of the sun represents perfect awareness that, when aligned with it, helps to remove spiritual ignorance, the main evil of humanity, like a veil of sleep. Just as the sun arouses us physically in the morning, it can awaken us spiritually in the intensity of sun practices. In rare cases even experience of enlightenment can occur with Sungazing. However, as the intensity of Sunmeditation and Sunyoga and is exponentially higher it is more common for these two practices.

The fear of death will pass. Whatever happens, you will be able to allow it and let it be. You will not feel any more worries and be adequately active. The root cause of actions will no longer be motivated by fear, but joy, less imagination, but awareness. This may be surprising at the beginning because in times when conditioned people experience certain emotions such as anger and grief you will remain peaceful, joyful, loving, powerful and aware. This changes your actions and your changed actions change your karma – until you may be able to act without creating any karma.

The energy and information in the sun’s rays which get in the eye charge the hypothalamus that is the link between the retina of the eye and the brain. When the brain receives the extra energy along the way dormant programs of our brain get activated. These program needs far more energy than an ordinary person has. By shutting off energy consumers and supplying additional energy, which is not necessary for survival, these capabilities get activated. As soon as the absorption of nutrition ends, the various body zones and internal organs get purified, detoxicated and switch their function. They can then fulfill other tasks than food exploitation. The internal organs harbor different spiritual mechanisms, which are called siddhis or „supernatural abilities“. Strictly speaking, these functions are a spiritual degree of maturity, just as every person becomes sexually mature if he is not inhibited. The socially conditioned way of life serves to inhibit this spiritual maturity. If you want to know what a mature natural spiritual lifestyle looks like, then I highly recommend the book Life and Teaching of the Masters in the Far East.

Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. 1 (English Edition) von [Spalding, Baird T.]

Special mention should be made of Breatharianism, as this is probably the most famous Sungazing phenomenon, to which informs a separate page. After about 35 minutes of Sungazing you will notice that your hunger is noticeably less. One earlier, the other later. The desire to ingest food decreases. No one needs to eat the amount of food which he was used to before. Hunger results from the energy needs of our body and through the expenditure of blockages and supply from non-original sources of energy. In a conventional way we receive indirect solar energy when we eat food. Foods are a byproduct of solar energy. If there is no sun, neither fruit nor vegetables will grow, even animals will not have any food anymore. Thus all animals and with it also our physical body, are strictly speaking always solar-powered, even if most of them via a detour of so-called food. Food is not necessary to make the body function, but energy is. Energy is thus the true food, the means to life, everything else serves only as packaging, although added: with taste :).

In human history many people are known who lived without food. As early as 1922 the Imperial Medical College in London discovered that solar radiation is the ideal food for humans. Yet no one has mentioned or found out what the technique of the foodless is. For example, in Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda has interviewed numerous saints and mystics to unravel the mystery of foodlessness. The frequent answer was that the solar energy enters the body through a secret door and reaches the medulla oblongata in the brain. They did not reveal more. The knowledge was therefore not accessible to the common people at this time. The currently most comprehensive collection on this subject is a kind of encyclopedia which can be found in the german book Das Yoga der Lichtnahrung. Parts of this book also can be found here in english.

If you use the original source of food on the physical level, the sun, the hunger for “food” will decrease and possibly even dry up completely. You draw the necessary energy directly from the sun, no longer indirectly through this or that energy packaging. Ideally, after 40 to 44 minutes of Sungazing, you should notice that most of the hunger has disappeared. You can still eat, but you hardly have to. It is possible that after this time the hunger will have completely disappeared from your life for long phases but it will definitely be significantly reduced. This is not a period of fasting because there will be no symptoms of fasting and you will feel the difference if you have already fasted before. All the mechanisms associated with hunger, such as lust producing scents, cravings for taste and stomach growls, will also hardly bother you anymore. Paradoxically, your energy level will seem to be significantly higher due to the lower intake of food. This is the result of a joyful existence that no longer consumes its life force in fantasies such as the “normal” emotions mentioned above. Once you have had this experience you will get the impression that your brain has become very active through solar energy. Wonderful, you have released the ability of your physical body to become a solar body!

Why 44 minutes?

The fundus of the eye is the only place in the body where sunlight hits our blood directly and reaches our brain directly via the nerve pathways. In the blood, the water, hormones and red blood cells react to this kinetic solar energy and uses it for chemical conversion. The red blood cells store infrared light, ordinary water H²O becomes structured water H³O² and the two states of aggregation function together like a battery – so far the scientifically known. Certainly much more unknown will happen ;). Epiphysis (pineal gland) and pituitary gland will react via sunlight and trigger all kinds of hormonal reactions, including the production of serotonin, inhibition of melatonin and production of the hormone vitamin D: Our complete biorhythm depends largely on light, of course especially the sun. It takes 44 minutes for our body’s own blood to flow past the back of the eyes and to be illuminated by light. Therefore, as an advanced practitioner, you will have noticed that the longer you practice, the easier and more relaxed the practice becomes with every minute, even if the sun rises as in the morning, e.g. becomes more intense. This is because your mind & body system is more and more aligned with the sun and the light and the unhealthy differences clear themselves.
At the same time this has a numerological effect as it means 4×11, 2×22 or 1×44 which are double numbers with the final cross sum 8. In the internet you will more information if you want to know more about it. Strictly speaking one would have to list the classification of the phases in 0 to 11, 11 to 22, 22 to 33 and 33 to 44 for energetic effect (so I have set my timer, if I feel like Sungazing instead of Sunmeditation once in a while, whereby I also go into longer times from time to time). Since this is rather irrelevant and for purely practical reasons the classification of HRM was used on sungazing.de, although on the basis of eleven years of experience, experiences of numerous practitioners and intuitive knowledge is explained.

You have finished the process with 44 minutes – then what?

Well, many practitioners go on to practice Sungazing, just how they like it. A few practice longer or at different times of the day but you should only do this if you have received clear intuitive intuitions about how to practice it and you have tested it against the reality that it is still healthy. I have recorded interviews with “finished” Sungazing practitioners especially for the inspiration of beginners and advanced so that you can see for yourself what they have experienced, how they are doing and what they are doing now that they have finished the process according to protocol:  Interviews with ‚finished’ Sungazing practitioners.

In the original protocol of HRM it is advised from this point on that you should now walk barefoot on natural ground for 45 minutes a day for one year in order to maintain what you have achieved and thus stabilize it so that you no longer need any practice after the barefoot year. Experience shows that this is possible only in the ideal way, if at all.

After such persistent practice you will quickly realize how good direct contact with the sun is for you, eye to eye. Sungazing itself leads to an enormous enrichment for everything in life. The light and the sun, however, can do significantly more. Many are satisfied with what they receive here with Sungazing as a kind of inner and outer sun shower and that alone is capable of making humanity sunlike. If you want to know more, free yourself from all time restrictions regarding the practice duration and get even deeper into contact with yourself, I can recommend you to participate in a Sunmeditation workshop. All of them are offered everywhere purely on a donation basis and are organized by volunteers who have experienced this method for themselves and want to make it accessible to others. In just one weekend you will experience the essence of theory and practice from my over eleven years of research and experience with all sun practices and you will then be free to practice independently at all daytimes. Of course you can also learn and practice Sunmeditation without stopping the Sungazing process, the method has no preconditions.

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Breatharianism (Light food)

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