“Wäre niemand mehr, der liebte, die Sonne würde erlöschen.”

Victor Hugo



Abuna Semai's Sunmeditation


as taught by Abuna Semai

Sunmeditation causes the liberation of humanity from the dark sleep of ignorance about our spiritual existence, which allows us to rediscover the harmony and beauty of life.

We humans have become accustomed to the fact that life is associated with joyless limitations and painful shackles. By looking into the outer sun with a safe method we awaken the Inner Sun and remove the shadows that lie on our thinking, feeling and body.

What is Sunmeditation? 

After years of researching all known sun practices worldwide and practicing them extensively myself, all this knowledge, the collected experience and intuitively received knowledge led me to the technique of “Sunmeditation”. I noticed that none of the other teachers worldwide were interested in the techniques and experiences of others and were relatively resistant to impulses of simplification and deepening. This is not really surprising, since the still living teachers come from India and there is a Guru cult – and a Guru gets not contradicted ;).

My gift is to demystify, remove and simplify unnecessary things, base techniques on natural principles, not artificial concepts and keep them free from any belief, religious, esoteric and guru cult – making them easily practicable for everyone. The result is a complete, easy to understand and logical method that can be learned and practiced by anyone without prior knowledge, just after one workshop weekend.

What distinguishes Sunmeditation from Sungazing

Sungazing can be learned online by anyone, worldwide – that is its enormous advantage. Therefore the method had to be simplified and made so safe for the eyesight that one can only increase the duration of the sun contact daily in 10-second steps and finally practice a maximum of 45 minutes at a time (which takes about 2 years in Europe), the afterglow has to be observed and Sungazing may only be practiced in the first or last sun hour of the day. For normal working people these are often big obstacles, which unfortunately quickly make the practice – as easy, effective and safe as it is – unattractive.

Sunmeditation has removed all these limitations. As a result, everyone is now completely free to choose when, how, why, and for how long to practice. This opens up completely new possibilities, to which Sungazing alone only rarely suffices and which it does not intend.

To the results which can be reached through Sunmeditation count:

  • Enlightenment (self-knowledge)
  • Breatharianism (no need for physical food)
  • Little or no need to sleep any more
  • Complete freedom from anxiety
  • Samadhi and Maha Samadhi
  • and many other special abilities, some of which are mentioned under meditation at midday and long term effects.

A participant of the workshop summarizes this beautifully:

“The once so intense experience of Sungazing now, after a year of Sunmeditation practice, seems to me like looking at a picture with a sun. The picture is beautiful but not comparable to the effect of Sunmeditation.”
Michael from heilungskongress.de

About Abuna Semai 

“Abuna Semai” is not my social name, but the one given to me by the sun during a particularly intense meditation. Since I am not a friend of the artificial names that have become modern today, I would not have accepted them in any other case 😉 – and strictly speaking it is not a name, but a name of action. Translated it means “Father of the Hearts”, which is what works through my being.

I have been practicing various meditations for many lives and for years in this life, all of which I have experienced as universally effective, among them:

  • Godman Rising, received intuitively
  • Godman Meditation, received intuitively
  • Sunmeditation, created from experience & received partly intuitively
  • “SAM” spontaneous movement, created from experience & partly intuitively received
  • Vipassana as taught by Goenka, can be learned here

I live what I teach. And I live this 365 days a year as best I can. This means that these practices are not just a hobby for me and I otherwise have a normal social life – but further exploring what we and our mind can do and teaching are the content of my life. I am blessed to receive this special knowledge in my meditations and honored to be allowed to pass it on. I always pass on all my knowledge without conditions in the sense of the “New World” purely on a donation basis, and I only teach when it is asked for. This means that the space of all my workshops is opened by volunteers and from the heart.

More about my spiritual development.

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