“Die Sonne ist nicht verschwunden, weil die Blinden sie nicht sehen.”

Birgitta von Schweden



Breatharianism (Light food)

There exists a phenomenon that used to be ascribed only to yogis and has not found its way into the everyday lives of ‘normal’ people: being able to live without having to eat. Most people have been educated to assume that food is part of life and that a person can survive for about a month without food and then dies. Meanwhile there are many people who claim the opposite and prove it through their own lives, without being a founder of a religion or an otherwise unique person. Since there have been so many of them, the topic becomes more accessible to everyone. Meanwhile there are numerous ways into Breatharianism, whereby the term is unfavorably chosen and this ability is formulated in different languages also differently. For example:

Lichtnahrung (german), meaning translated: Food from light
Breatharianism (englisch), meaning translated: The art to live from the breath
Bi Gu Fu Shi (chinese), meaning translated: Living without grain

It is not the case that as a non-eater one automatically lives from light, rather there are different sources to supply the physical body with energy even without material food. Most of these sources are questionable, such as the supply of Ascended Masters (21-day light-food process and Bi Gu Fu Chi), as most are unaware of the fine print of this deal. Others require lengthy practices that are often wrongly or incompletely passed on, such as the Kechari mudra. Others are addicted to it through blessings from deities (Phralad Jani), which is rather difficult to imitate :). On the other hand, methods like the “conscious nutrition” of Joachim Werdin are recommended in his book because they work completely naturally and self-sufficient.

Of all the known methods which are most worthy of the name “light food” are practices that absorb the necessary energy through the light. Sungazing, Sunmeditation and Sunyoga :). Here is an overview of the general differences in the techniques.

If you wish to use Sungazing to reveal your ability to get nurtured by light I can recommend that you always practice with the sun at mealtimes, e.g. before breakfast and before dinner in Sungazing, and before other mealtimes like lunch in Sunyoga and Sunmeditation. Observe what happens to your feeling of hunger. It may be that the hunger part is saturated purely by direct sun contact. Furthermore drinking Sunwater is very helpful because we are mostly made out of water. For aspiring Breatharians it is more important what they drink than what they eat. A knowledge which is logical, but which I have never heard from any Breatharian before.


Nowadays there are many resources, even books regarding this topic. Just take care, that all that is said in these books does not need to be necessarily be true.
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