“Wie die Sonne nur durch die Überlegenheit ihrer Anziehungskraft die Planeten in ihre Bahnen zwingt, so herrscht der Genius nur durch die immanente Schwerkraft seiner Persönlichkeit ohne alle Vielgeschäftigkeit.”





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Please note that no healing promises are made on any of the pages presented here. According to German law this is reserved for the pharmaceutical industry ;). All contents serve only for information and each application happens on own responsibility. We assume no guarantee and liability for the application of the methods presented here. We also assume no liability for misleading formulations, incorrect translations and spelling mistakes.


Outside of the above mentioned, we take of course only responsibility for everything on sungazing.de, not for the contents of other sites linked here. That should be self-evident, the German right doubts however the common sense of humans.

Please note that no promises of healing are made here.
All content is for information only and each application is at your own risk.

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Who acts behind this page