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Sungazing is the main technique. The process accompanying and immensely supportive practices are the barefoot walking – which is also recommended during all other times of the day – healthy sunbathing and drinking sunwater. All are as simple as effective, and are no longer based purely on the esoteric, but already scientifically proven.

What is sunwater? 

This is very simple: Sunwater is water that was exposed to the sun :). This water, well-lit by the sun, has special qualities that are very useful to our entire organism and spirit, as well as the spiritual development. Since we intend by Sungazing to let shine in as much light as possible inside us, to achieve by its effects more extended states of consciousness, of emotions and in the long run of the physical body … to enlightened ones. Sunlight has the most direct effect if we deliberately choose to take it in through our eyes. With the sun water we have another source through which we can absorb the information and energy of the sun by the most natural medium of nature -water- inside us. We can drink some frequencies of the sun indirectly via the water. This alone could not replace the practice of Sungazing, but it would complement it wonderfully. Light and water, the two main sources that keep us alive.

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How is Sunwater made? 

Put drinking water in an uncolored clear glass bottle and put it in the sun for a few hours – that’s it. It is important not to close the bottle to tight, because the water expands when it heats up. So the bottle might even burst if it gets too hot. Just leave the lid slightly open so that air can escape, but no animals can get into it.

You can optimize the result even more if you

• Place the bottle on natural ground, that is on soil, sand or a meadow. This then has similar effects as the recommended grounding and barefoot walking.

• and use “good” water. Go for it to the next health food store and buy one each of every bottle of the water offered there. In your apartment, you can then try out all, so you have a direct comparison. For the next purchase choose the one with the most pleasant taste for you. Do not put the labeled bottles in the sun, as they are pre-informed because of the barcodes, the pictures and the text, fill it into a glass bottle which is specially for this purpose only. Or several if you drink more than one bottle of water per day.

You can buy suitable glass bottles cheap at larger drugstores, supermarkets and even on the internet. And just as you should not practice Sungazing behind a windowpane, so the water should not stand behind a windowpane if you want an ideal restructuring. Modern window glass is metallised and allows only about 10% of all sun rays to pass through. The glass of ordinary bottles is not specially treated and so does hardly oppose the sunlight.

The scientific background 

What happens to the water when we expose it to the sun? Here is a summary of the research by Prof. Pollack of the Washington University, which I borrowed partly from an article by Jens Block. If you want to know more, I recommend Prof. Pollack’s book “Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid & Vapor

What is this highly structured “EZ” water? Why is the discovery of this additional aggregate state of water so groundbreaking for the understanding of life?

EZ water is not water in the known sense. It has been discovered that water molecules modify on water-loving (hydrophilic) surfaces and that they change their structural formula from H₂O to H₃O₂. This water therefore has other chemical properties that are necessary for biological processes and therefore of particular importance to our body. H₃O₂, the so called EZ-Water, has a hexagonal honeycomb-like structure that forms levels: the hexagonal water. This is no longer liquid, but gel-like and forms a kind of liquid crystal. Physically, it can store information and charges through its structure – it is like a battery, because in the EZ water a negative charge potential is formed, compared to a positive charge in the well-known H₂O outside of it. The following picture illustrates this.

Considering that most of the proteins in our body are hydrophilic, we can already guess the importance of this discovery. In contact with sunlight something special happens: This boundary layer of EZ-water increases enormously and stores immense amounts of energy. Since all our chemical processes in the body require energy, it can now be obtained from the EZ-water battery. Furthermore, EZ-water flushes out all suspended matter, meaning that it becomes highly pure. Everything “impure” is physically driven out into the still existing H₂O and by this way easily transported out of the body. So there is a kind of detoxification and purification.

This means by bringing sunlight into contact with our body water – either directly through our eyes through Sungazing, Sunmeditation or Sunyoga, or indirectly by drinking sunwater – we increase the amount of highly pure, structured and energized water in our bodies. What additional information we receive from the sun, we can only speculate on scientific level; however, that it has to be of great importance for life on our planet and therefore our own lives is obvious. Because without sunlight no life. Diploma Physicist Ludwig says, “The water has a memory like an elephant.” Among other things, this is the reason why through sun practices and sun water our mind and body are cleaned, more vital, informed and work better.

It takes several months of drinking sun water to exchange all oft the body water. Combined with Sungazing, this time is shortened, because during the practice the blood flowing past the eye, which of course contains water, is also structured, informed and energized. This explains the final 44-minute duration of Sungazing, as this is about the period of time it takes for all our blood in the body to once pass past the eye. So you will notice that the longer you practice, as easier the practice becomes, which means the sun is the less bright and the eyes and the gaze are more relaxed – even with increasing solar radiation when you start the practice at dawn. This is because not only our state of mind, but also our body chemistry, especially that of the water and other elements in our blood, are thermally and photolytically optimized by the sunlight.

Additional recommended books about this topic:

A. W. Dänzer | Die Unsichtbare Kraft in Lebensmitteln (german)
Masaru Emoto | The Secret of Water

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