“Wenn du den Prozess kennst, die Energie des Kosmos oder der Sonne aufzunehmen, dann kannst du deinen Körper allein von dieser Energie erhalten, für jede beliebige Dauer, und kannst deine Nahrung an andere verteilen.”

Swami Sivananda



Earthing & barefoot walking

Father sun and mother earth, physically we are the child of both. Therefore, it is not surprising that we not only raise our eyes to the sun, but at the same time let the earth affect us. Not just through her elements, but in a particular way that is nowadays mostly unknown and unrecognised: earthing through barefoot walking.

Disharmony in body and mind are the result of an unbalanced relationship of all necessary energies. Our two main sources are Sun and Earth. The modern way of life has become so normal that it is socially accepted, but it became more and more unnatural. The more we are driven away from nature, the worse can operate what is vitalised by it. This has come so far that not only illnesses are the result, but also all of our higher functions have been lost, such as agility, creativity, inspiration, longevity, empathy, telepathy and a sensitivity that enables us to communicate in a peaceful  and loving connection with everything around us.

The two simplest, most immediate applicable, and most effective ways to reverse this process of degeneration and alienation are to look into the sun and ground us through barefoot walking. We are the only animals on the planet wearing shoes and sunglasses wondering why we are not as happy as we were when we were children or like the animals are all the time.

In the original Sungazing process only the barefoot walking is recommended during practice and this is also at least the part where the footwear and socks should be away from the feet. Many advanced practitioners, however, experience a veritable desire to be more in nature, to be more naked and like to leave their feet uncovered. Of course you do not have to do that as a beginner, just do not wonder if this will affect you as well :).

What is the benefit of barefoot walking?

Physically and energetically, there is a connection between our body and the earth. This connection happens especially through the contact points, and these are mainly our soles. They are involved in many ways for communication  and energy exchange. By barefoot walking we get a free constant foot massage and the posture improves. But that’s not enough. We receive negative ions from the soil that the body uses for all sorts of biochemical processes to neutralize free radicals which are extremely harmful and left over from the metabolic processes.

We drain old energies into the ground via the meridians at the feet, they all end and begin there, and receive information about elements, minerals, vitamins and more, which the body then is able to implement. Just as the unconscious mind can recognize by the smell of food, how wholesome and nourishing it is to us, so through its feet it can sense the composition of the soil, the localization of other bodies, and more. In fact, the earth, which is constantly negatively charged to the atmosphere, which is positively charged, acts like an induction plate charging us over the feet. Much more can be said and you will find detailed information in the internet, but your own experience is always the most precious and only source of truth. However you should be aware, that so-called barefoot shoes have no earthing effect, only one orthopedic and therefore they are no use for our purposes. Try barefoot walking, and after an initial period of hypersensitivity of the soles – which is caused by wearing shoes – you may be able to feel what is permanently and unconditionally given to you by nature.

What happens if you don’t carry out the earthing? Well, in the truest sense you will get “cold feet” :). This is because the energies are jamming up and can not drain. So cold feet do not seem to show too little energy, as you might have thought, but too much, a jam. So, people who often have cold feet – like I used to myself – are well served by putting shoes and socks aside more often, not just only during the Sungazing practice.

A tip. The next time you walk barefoot in nature, become aware and feel that you are not just walking on a large lump of earth and rocks … but on a living creature, a Great Mother from which all life on this planet is born and is constantly feed. We breathe her air, eat her plants, drink her water. Instead of just walking around on her unconsciously isolated in plastic soles, you meet her lovingly and walk on her carefully, stroking her with your bare feet in gratitude and appreciation. Observe what is flowing back to you …

Another useful hint for advanced practitioners:
Natural sunscreen

A tanned skin and a healthy vitamin D level of 80-100 ng/ml of blood is ideal for prolonged outdoor exposure to sunlight. But for those who still wants to use a skin protection, without using oil-derived commercial sunscreen, you might be well served with this:

The top 10 natural oils with SPF:

  1. Carrot Seed oil: SPF 38-40
  2. Raspberry Seed oil: SPF 28-50
  3. Wheat Germ oil: SPF 20
  4. Avocado oil: SPF 4-15
  5. Coconut oil: SPF 2-8
  6. Olives oil: SPF 2-8
  7. Macadamia oil: SPF 6
  8. Almond oil: SPF 5
  9. Shea Butter: SPF 3-6
  10. Jojoba oil: SPF 4

Observation of the afterglow

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