“Die Sonne scheint auch hinter den Wolken.”

Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Wander



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Experience at 13 minutes
The founder of sungazing.de reports from his first minutes. German language only.

Experience at 30 minutes
One year of the Sungazing practice – there’s a lot to tell 🙂. German language only.

Sunmeditation/Sunyoga/Sungazing experiences with noon sun
Two years of Sungazing with transition to Sunyoga at that time, which includes Sungazing, but no time limit! German language only.

Sungazing experience at 45 minutes, with wild animals “It has settled in my garden and does it has anything to do with Sungazing? At least that has never happened before…”
Stefan from Aachen, Germany, July 2011
German language only.

Sungazing experience at 16 minutes, with wildlife 🙂.“Hehe today directly after Sungazing! The little wild bird followed me every step of the way and even sat on my little index finger! Never happened to me before :)” Martin from Vienna, Austria, May 2011

Sungazing Erlebniss


Sungazing experience with wildlife  “On the way home a relatively small black thing suddenly ran across the dirt road a few meters in front of me. I wondered what kind of animal it was, but it had already disappeared in the high grass to the right of the path. Then I had the impulse to stop for a moment and look again but I couldn’t see it in the bushes. Suddenly I noticed that I felt connection and even love to this being. And that I would be really happy to see it again now. Just in this moment it came a few meters further out of the bushes and came more or less directly towards me. Shortly before it was with me it stopped then, and I squatted – and to my surprise it actually just let me stroke it! It looked like a small, probably still relatively young black mouse. She just sat there for a few minutes and really enjoyed being stroked, until I continued on my way home sometime because of the slowly approaching darkness.

Then on the way home the thought occurred to me that I had read exactly that on sungazing.de in the afternoon. I just looked it up again, and see there, actually, one point under long-term effects is: “Wild animals aren’t afraid anymore”.

Unbelievable 😉

It was a really nice and almost heart-opening experience…”

Christian, July 2018

Documentary by Matt Wilcox

The 25-year-old had an EEG and an eye exam done at 12 minutes Sungazing time. Be curious about the results…

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