“Vater, der du bist im Himmel.”




Interviews with 'finished' Sungazers

Sungazing is still an exotic practice, even among longstanding and experienced meditators. In comparison to other forms of meditation it is still practiced very rarely and therefore the experiences of long-term meditators are even rarer and therefore particularly valuable for those who have completed the process. They are trend-setting, help to optimize the method in theory and practice and to explain effects. My own experiences and those of other intensive practitioners were also the reason for the extensive update of this website with information that does not always agree with the teachings of Hira Ratan Manek. The information on sungazing.de is therefore based on experience and not purely on the teachings of the originator.

Such a wealth of experience gives interested people an impression of how the practice benefits them, what effect it can have on life and what highly spiritual states are quite easily attainable even for a ‘normal living person’. Experienced people support the practice in recognizing special effects of Sungazing, understanding them and giving ideas on how Sungazing can be continued once the process is officially finished.


Five interviews were published that I conducted with sungazern, who ended the trial. This means that after many months of practice everyone looked at the sun for at least 45 minutes at a time, the youngest ‘finished’ Sungazer is 12 years old :). No one is blind, everyone has made their own interesting experiences and all continue the practice in their own way.

Currently these interviews are only available in german language, but I am working on a way to publish them in english soon.

Anke | Interview 1

Rahel and her 12 year old daughter | Interview 2 & 3

Nathan | Interview 4

Mathias | Interview 5


Finally, my experience report, after I had completed the practice of Sungazing in 2011 and discovered other deepening practices. This was the first experience report of a “finished” sungazer in Germany with first experiences during the noon sun.

Experience reports

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