“Licht ist freigiebig, es fällt jeden verfügbaren Raum. Es will keine Gegenleistung, es fragt nicht, ob sie Freund oder Feind sind. Es gibt von sich selbst und wird dadurch nicht gemindert.”

Michael Strassfeld, Rabbi




The method of Sungazing was brought into the world by the Indian Hira Ratan Manek,  who is also known by the acronym “HRM”. He is one of the few people  in the world who has mastered the art of using direct solar energy for his own life, and freely teaches it to anyone who wishes to learn. HRM has been presenting his Sungazing process to people for several years. Many people have followed him since he began, and it is increasingly becoming clear: Sungazing works and it is harmless if you do it right and you  don’t  force yourself to anything. The results of Sungazing are quite a lot and each one is impressive in and of itself. Mental clarity, feeling joy without a reason, generally more energy, physical health, up to spiritual experiences & insights – just to name a few and more can be found on the next page.

It was in 1962 when Mother Mira from the Pondicherry Ashram in India inspired Hira Ratan Manek to bring the technique of Sungazing back to the modern world. For 30 years, HRM has been working intensively on ancient Sungazing practices that can be found in almost all cultures and religions around the world. After continuously and intensively testing the results for three years on himself, he managed to develop a save Sungazing process, which he unstintingly taught in dozens of countries around the world, without requiring anything in return.

Many people are afraid of the sun. There arose the belief that too much solar radiation causes skin cancer and it damages the eyes to look straight into the sun. But that’s not the entire truth. Safe sunshine times and appropriate practices do not damage the eyes; it’s the opposite, it can make your eyes healthier. Just as the inattentive use of electricity is dangerous, but the conscious one is harmless and extremely useful, the same applies to the handling of solar energy. The Sungazing practices of the priests of the Egyptians, Mayas, Incas and other cultures remind us of this truth.

We’ve all looked instinctively into the sunset or sunrise for longer time without taking any damage. So we start Sungazing at safe times, the hour of sunrise or sunset, and doing so we will safely but still effectively improve the health of body and mind.

This methodology is the renaissance of a science that was widespread among priests and shamans of ancient cultures. It was a commonly used spiritual practice at those times. Today it is a fusion of ancient knowledge with modern scientific practice. Anyone can use HRM’s Sungazing method, you can read all about it on this website. It can be practiced all over  the world and throughout the whole year at save health harmless times.

Thousands of users worldwide use this method to achieve better health at all levels. Some experience better results than others – due to many factors such as locality, access to natural ground, a clear sky and the amount of time devoted to this technique. However, those who practice with a positive attitude, an open heart and mind, as well as patience and consistency will experience the greatest successes and continuous improvement. A user can completely maintain his current lifestyle, simply include the Sungazing and practice it whenever it is possible. When you practice Sungazing with trust and confidence, and with the right understanding, you gain immense boosting of body and mind.

Hira Ratan Manek

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