“Selbst nach all der Zeit spricht die Sonne nie zur Erde “Du schuldest mir etwas”. Sieh was mit solcher Liebe geschehen kann – sie erleuchtet den ganzen Himmel.”




Jesus and the sun

Love Without End: Jesus Speaks

Paperback by Glenda Green

Short description

Following a vision, Glenda Green paints a portrait of Jesus Christ. Then he appears to her to sit as a model. They talk about God and the world. Glenda asks questions about the origin of the universe, the meaning of suffering, the nature of the ego and illusions, but above all about love. And Jesus answers with amazing insights into the universe and our existence in it. A book that touches the heart and the mind!

About the author

Glenda Green is an artist who was born and raised in Texas. She was considered to be one of the best realistic painters in the USA in the 1970s. Her specialty was portraits in oil. Her works are exhibited at the Smithsonian Institute and the Museum of the City of New York among others. In 1991, she painted the painting “The Lamb and the Lion” and since then the focus of her art and career has changed. In recent years she has also spent much of her time giving public lectures on her encounter with Yeshua and the insights she gained from it.

Here the excerpts from her book, in which Sunmeditation, or Sungazing clearly comes forth. It was also reported that in the original New Testament, Jesus recommends to look into the sun every morning and evening for 15 minutes. There is nothing in this book about this but maybe in the continuation of Glenda Green “Love and Consciousness”. Much joy and knowledge in the words of the Master!
Statements by Jesus are in italics.

Seek infinity every day and all that you desire will be given to you. … The heart sees infinity, inside and out. Find a place from which you can see the sunset or sunrise. Be careful not to look directly at the sun before it touches the horizon or is filtered by the atmospheric density on the horizon. But if it is orange and you can see well into it, then you will find a point of infinity in its center that makes the point of infinity in your soul vibrate. This will be very nourishing for you and give you a positive perception. It will even nourish you physically because it supports the formation of vitamins and the availability of minerals.

I remembered the sun worship of primitive peoples which went as far as deification and that was exactly what his next remark referred to.

These people recognized the life-giving power of the sun, even if they could not classify it properly. It is a mistake to worship the sun or anything created. But it is not an error to acknowledge the presence of infinity within creation. The sun is a mighty display of infinity. The same is true of the starry night sky or the expanse of the ocean when one is on the high seas.

Obviously, we have the ability to produce many more vitamins and minerals than we currently have. Our undersupply of self-produced nutrients is due to the low frequency of our hearts. I asked him about the chemical problems I had with my diet.

All this will happen when your energetic frequency is high enough to produce what you need. The level of your body is too low at the moment to provide you with everything you need without support and compensation. Taking direct sunlight at sunrise or sunset will help you raise your frequency. Whenever you do your body chemistry responds by producing certain nutrients for which your body’s energy is otherwise too low. Chemical resonance corresponds to energetic frequency and vice versa. Much of the value of the trace elements in your bodies lies in the energetic matrix they produce. The sun can do this directly because it contains both the substance and the fire of each mineral in your solar system. Nutrition is important in many ways because it supports the love that precedes and surrounds it. Different seasons, ages, states of health and inner attitudes can affect the overall process. But the stronger your heart is, the better it will guide you through all this. Just as birds know which seeds are good for them your heart will draw you to the food you need. Your heart will also help you process the food the way your body needs it. Until you understand the effect of the food more fully, I advise you to exercise moderation in all respects and let gratitude and love work.

A real understanding of the relationship between food and love could revolutionize the state of human health. But don’t forget what I told you about sunlight, looking into the sun morning and evening, for it can actually bring your physical, your subtle, and your spiritual heart into harmonious resonance with each other. This brings to you what you need and processes better what you have. This exercise will improve your experience during the day as well as your energy, nutrition and sleep. Because the primordial particles are the stream of life that connects heaven and earth. 

Your sun is a living magnetic force, and this is also necessary for the development of organic life.

I suddenly thought of Jesus’ invitation to contact the sun every morning and every evening. Perhaps its meaning was that our physical well-being resonated with the magnetic core of the sun.

On another day I was a little tired and he suggested I go into the garden and have a quick look at the sun. It was late afternoon and the sun was already so low that I could almost see inside. Even this short look had a relaxing effect on me. On my return to the studio Jesus asked me if I had enjoyed my little journey into infinity and said that my concentration should be better now because I was magnetized again.

The deeper understanding is lost that love commands reality and reality reacts to love with the willingness of a young bride. You are the beloved of God, just as I am. To experience this blessing, however, you must step out of your protective cover and let your fictitious self collapse in the light of reality. In order to awaken the resting power of God to life, you must be strong in the love that you are.


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