“Wird der Mensch auch in Zukunft dabei verharren, den Staub der Erde anzustarren? Oder wird er – um den Schatten seines Körpers nicht inmitten von Dornen und Totenschädeln zu sehen – seine Augen zur Sonne erheben? “

Khalil Gibran



Long term practice effects

The effects mentioned on this site of intensive meditation are well known by serious aspirants, while the general public will rather disbelieve when reading the next lines :). In the oldest of all yoga books, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (here in the best translation I could find), which are estimated to be about 2,000 years old, you will read a few more that may seem insane even to experienced meditators. Much of what is written here will hardly be accessible to anyone through Sungazing alone, but preliminary stages of it can be experienced by anyone in a short period of time.

Specific for sun practices 

    • Healthy eyes, sharper eyes, richer colors, until you don’t need glasses anymore
    • Visual perception that goes beyond what is possible for the eyes

Applies to all practices of real meditation

    • Spiritual and physical rejuvenation
    • Strong physical recovery, diseases disappear
    • High vitality and libido, no more fatigue
    • Great physical strength and endurance
    • Less to no sleep anymore
    • Attainment of the ideal weight
    • Breatharianism
    • Falling asleep and waking up in just a single moment
    • No emotional or even physical pain
    • Healing abilities, partly only through mere presence
    • Wild animals are no longer afraid
    • Liberation from all fears, especially death & existential fears
    • “Negative” emotions like anger, disappointment, sadness, antipathy, belong to the past.
    • “Positive” emotions such as peace, joy and love are lasting and always more deeply perceptible.
    • Astral journeys
    • Clear dreams
    • Deep and precise intuition
    • Awareness of past lives
    • Instant knowledge
    • Yogic Skills (Siddhis)
    • Enlightenment experiences, like answers to “What am I?”, “Who am I?”, “Why am I on earth?”, “What is the meaning of life?”, “Who/What is God?”, …

It should also be mentioned that before one attains ultimate enlightenment – a goal that Sungazing does not strive for, but which is nevertheless within reach of serious practitioners – it is often reported that one encounters two particularly difficult phases in meditation:

1. confrontation with all personal fears.

2. confrontation with all personal seductions.

Also likely in this order. These are often in the form of all kinds of perceptions on a mental, emotional and physical level. In the first case in the form of demons, the devil, imaginations of suffering and dying (see for example the following video). In the second case in the form of angels, deities, Jesus, Buddha, … and gods. Both are masks that test whether one can still be impressed by them or whether one actually strives steadfastly for the ultimate truth alone and cannot be distracted from both levels. Similar to Jesus’ desert experience in which the devil met him, he tried to seduce him by promising him the world if he would stop doing what he did. Such a procedure has also become known as “Salomon’s Ring”. If one is not aware of it, one can suffer like this poor fellow, who out of pure ignorance did not recognize that he practiced extremely successfully and was about to attain very high states of meditation, one could also say “almost there” :).

Comparison of the practices

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