“Ich dachte der Tag würde nie kommen, an dem ich die Freude im Schatten der Morgensonne sehe. Meine Morgensonne ist die Droge, die, verdrängt durch Angst, mich der verlorenen Kindheit näher bringt.”

New Order, Musikband



Meditation at midday

Sungazing is allowed to be practiced during the first or last hour of sunshine of a day, anything else without further knowledge is harmful. Since wrong practice with the sun can also lead to blindness, it is essential to follow the rules – including observing the afterglow.

Sungazing, however, is not the only method that has been discovered and taught. Among them there are two in particular which are both competent to teach the practice to anyone at any time of the day with any duration up to the midday(!) sun:

Sunmeditation according to Abuna Semai

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Workshops are held purely on donation basis (organizational costs may apply outside the EU). You can invite Abuna Semai for a workshop in your country.



Sunyoga after Sunyogi Umasankar

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Workshops are held purely on donation basis (organizational costs may apply outside India). You can invite Sunyogi Umasankar for a workshop in your country.



Both methods are only taught in workshops that last 2-3 days and take place worldwide. Intention, theory and practice are different. All are organized by volunteers who want to make it available to others. On the previous page you can compare the practices.

For the sake of completeness I would like to mention here this yogi who practices with the indirect gaze of Sunyoga. I don’t know if he also teaches ;).

Abuna Semai's Sunmeditation

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