“Menschen des Herzens sind die Sonne, Menschen des Lehms sind der Staub im Wind; erstere sind die Rose, letztere die Dornen.”




Short version for those in a hurry

Sungazing  is a very simple method. It provides a quiet mind, joyful, loving and peaceful sensations and strengthening of the body.

Stand barefoot on natural soil, in order to be able to draw off old energy right away as much as possible, that is dissolved in the body by the sun practice. Ideal is sand or earth, but everything else is fine. Avoid artificial ground such as pavement. Then all you need is to look with a soft gaze at the sun, at the safe times: during the first hour after sunrise or during the last hour before sunset, when there is little to no UV radiation. You start with 10 seconds and add another 10 seconds on each sunny day; with clouds you do not add any time. It is recommended to get a timer, for example as a Sungazing App on your smartphone. After each practice, close your eyes, shade them with your palms, and watch the play of lights, colors, and shapes – also known as watching the afterglow, until it is completely disappeared (this usually takes a few moments to a maximum of 5-10 minutes). This is absolutely necessary to get the maximum effect out of the practice and keep the eyes healthy. At the beginning the duration of the gaze into the sun is often much shorter than the duration of the afterglow – this is normal ;).

You can use this technique in the morning or in the evening, regularly or irregularly. It is ideal to try it in the morning, so you have a second chance with clouds in the evening. Do only once a day. Try to make it easy whenever you can and gradually increase the duration of sawing in the mentioned 10-second increments. In a tropical climate, the entire process takes nine to ten months, in colder regions it takes a little longer because of the winter time, in Germany, for example, usually two years.

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Ideally, Sungazing is practiced completely and with the greatest benefit for you if you:

  • stand barefoot on natural ground
  • practice Sungazing once a day
  • always observe the afterglow completely until it entirely disappears
  • often drink sunwater
  • frequently take a healthy sunbath if possible naked
  • and otherwise incorporate some time of barefoot walking into your everyday life
  • use other suitable meditation practices during cloudy times
  • stay persistent and enjoy

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