“Du siehst nur deinen Schatten, wenn du deinen Rücken zur Sonne drehst.”

Khalil Gibran



Sunyogi Umasankar's Sunyoga


as taught by Sunyogi Umasankar

Sunyogi Umasankar is an Indian yogi who masters the practice of Sunyoga. A technique that establishes the direct connection to the supreme soul through direct sun contact.

Sunyogi has an extraordinary life. He has wandered the subcontinent for six years without money or possessions, lived without food for a long time and obtained his energy directly from the sun. After completing a two-year retreat in the Himalayas he returned to the world to teach Sunyoga and spread the message of world peace, unity and brotherhood.

Sunyoga was discovered by Sunyogi Umasankar when he renounced worldly life as an engineer and experimented with meditation in the famous Pondicherry Ashram in India. During a meditation on the sea at sunrise, the reflection of the sun on the water suddenly dazzled him so much that he thought he was blinded – but instead he experienced the gifts of a purified mind. Many years of research, which he said was inspired by Mahaavatar Bababji led him to offer his discovery as a technique for everyone to practice today.

Sunyoga is practiced through certain angles of the eye, which allows the retina to remain protected even if you are a beginner and want to practice longer. The aim is to create one’s own enlightenment as a solution to all problems for the participants, as well as the establishment of his ashram near Calcutta, the “Global Family Home University” for humanity. There are 7 levels of Sunyoga in total, starting with the 2 to 3 day basic workshop. They take place in India mostly on a donation basis, in all other countries mostly for a fee. With the exception of the ashram, workshops are organized by volunteers who have experienced this method themselves and want to make it available to others.

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Translation of his interview on Channel-4 and his website www.sunyoga.info.

Here are the original videos with Sunyogi Umasankar

Video 1

What is special about Sunyoga and what is its benefit?

The sun is the source of all life. You have to make friends with the sun and nature. How can you make friends with the sun? A very simple technique. You just have to sit down in a place where you can see the sun. Prepare the mind to call its own gurus or icons. Muslims for example Mohammed, Christians Jesus, Buddhists Buddha. We must feel that all living beings are One. We are all members of the same family. People, animals and the plant kingdom. People regardless of their caste, skin color, religion, origin or age. We are all one family. Then one has to prepare the mind for self-questioning in order to reach a solution out of oneself. You have to ask yourself questions: Who am I, what do I want, why do I want it, what is the meaning of life, where is the connection between what I want and what I am doing. You have to keep asking the questions, the answers come by themselves. You have to do this with determination and great effort. “I can do it, I must do it. Even if I die. I will do it”. Then you have to prepare the mind to look into the sun. But friendly. Our main mantra is friendship with nature and with the sun. Then slowly open your eyes and look into the sun from the middle of your eyebrows. This is the pineal gland, the third eye – with the two eyes, three eyes together. One looks five to ten centimeters over the sun. Then enter into a friendship with the sun. If our ability to absorb the rays is large enough, we can look directly into the sun. But at the beginning we should not look directly into the sun.

It is said that one should not look into the sun because the eyes are damaged by it. So how can we look into the sun?

The doctors who say that the eyes are damaged are not wrong. There is a certain angle. There are six types of angles. If we look directly at the sun, it is the 15 degree angle, the solid angle. It is too heavy. The 30 degree angle is the fire angle, that is the dangerous angle. The retina gets too much sunlight and can burn. This is what the doctors warn against. But this is due to the angle at which one looks into the sun. However, we prepare our minds for it and then the 30 degree angle is not harmful either. Nevertheless, we teach that people should look into the sun at a safe 45 degree angle. The retina is not exposed to the sun’s rays but only to the whiteness of the eye. Our ability to absorb the rays is strengthened, and then one can also look directly into the sun. But not at the beginning.

So you shouldn’t do it without professional leadership. How long does it take a normal person to learn?

It takes three days to learn the technique. Three days, half an hour each. In the three-day courses we teach how to see and what the idea is, what spiritual and physical aspects there are. Everything scientifically. Because I have a scientific background. I am an electrical engineer. At the beginning I also thought that I lose my sight when I look into the sun. Then I found out what angles you have to keep.

What is the main benefit of Sunyoga?

First, our mind creates all the problems. We can slow it down and find the silence of the mind, the peace of mind. All diseases can be cured. Even leukemia. One person had already had leukemia for six years and the doctors gave him two months to live. She started Sunyoga and after three years she was completely healed. I have the records. And as for the danger of losing your sight, two million people worldwide practice it and nobody lost their sight. Many people’s sight has improved. Some have learned it from me personally, others have read my website.

What is your experience with Sun-Yoga and what benefits has it brought you?

No one taught me that, it’s my discovery. I sat on the beach and meditated. And the sun was reflected in the water and hit my eyes. At that moment my scientific mind blocked me. I thought I was losing my sight. I closed my eyes, but the light came to me. I turned away, thought I was blind. When I opened it, I could see the buildings. Then I looked at the sand and could see the individual grains of sand. I was not blind. Then I thought of Newton’s principle of interaction, according to which each force produces a counterforce of equal magnitude. Newton gave me the idea and I looked into the reflecting light. It was very soft and I went on and looked directly into the sun. It became like a disc and in it I saw something like a blue disc. Suddenly I could see a black hole in the sun. How can I see the black hole in the sun with the naked eye? Then I had the vision of the brain, and how all parts of the brain are connected and work together, the cerebrum, cerebellum, pons, pineal gland and pituitary gland. I noticed that the pineal gland absorbs the energy, divides it into the five elements and passes it on to the cerebrum. There the poisons dissolved and my body felt this change. My perception became clear and I could enter the 98 percent of the brain. Everyone has the one hundred percent brain, in which all changes since the beginning of the cosmos are stored. But normally you can’t see and enter it. We got answers from the two percent of the brain. In my case, I was within the 98 percent and found the answers there. Starting from the black hole, a sunbeam with the seven spectral colors hit me and I absorbed it. I hadn’t thought anything about it yet. For me this experience was like an experiment, a pastime. The next day I ate my breakfast and went to work. At noon I normally get hungry again. But that day I was still full. There I saw the connection and felt that the light nourished me. All evening I thought about how that could be. Then I saw how the trees absorb their cosmic energy through the chlorophyll. And our blood is like the chlorophyll and has photocells. In the beginning there was only the sun. Then it cooled down and the elements space, fire, air, water and earth emerged. Then the atmosphere developed and life developed. So we are part of the five elements.

Video 2

Umashankar, tell us, if you practice Sunyoga, you don’t need food, fluid or sleep. How do you do it?

Very simple. The sun is the main source of all energy. When I absorb the solar energy, it purifies me of all toxins. That’s enough. I can relax. Why should we eat more? We have so many poisons in us that worry us. There is also a lot of chemistry in our food that poisons us and makes us tired.

If you stand under the sun for 30 minutes during the day, you don’t have to eat during the whole day?

Yes, 15 minutes at noon is enough for 24 hours. If I do it for an hour, it will last for 15 days because my solar batteries are charged. Even if it was a cloudy day or during the rainy season.

Can you save a lot of money?

The food problem of many poor people could be solved with it. But it is not the only goal. The attainment of inner peace is the goal of Sunyoga.

How many times since 1995, when you experienced this inspiration from the sun, has it happened that you didn’t need sleep?

From August 17, 1996 to December 7, 1996. I bathed in the morning, then did Sunyoga from 7:30am to 8:00am. At eight I went to my ashram and my work, at noon from 12h to 13h I practiced Sunyoga, then I went back to my work. From 20h to 21h I relaxed on the beach. From 21h to 23h I went back to my Ashram. After 23h I practiced night-time silent meditation. It was morning, 5:30h to 6h. Without drinking, eating or sleeping I spent almost four months. So I got great confidence.

Are you telling us about the effects on your health? Are you healthy?

Yes, I am very healthy. I haven’t lost any weight and have perfect health. When I eat, I feel tired. But when I don’t eat, I feel fresh.

What other experiences have they had, apart from foodlessness?

The food requirements are one aspect. This is also a Siddhi. At what level do we live and where are we blocked? Through Sunyoga I have very easily found my way to self-knowledge, enlightenment. Then I climbed the 29 chakras. In the inner seven, above us eleven and eleven below the Muladhara chakra. With the highest chakra at the top I could reach the black hole of the universe and there I saw a pendulum turning clockwise and counterclockwise. When it turns clockwise, energy is released from the black hole in the universe. Einstein has determined that this energy is e=mc². I began to investigate why Einstein’s formula cannot solve all the problems of science. I also got the answer. Let’s take a drop of water to see that energy is not always the same. If a drop of water falls in dry sand, it dries up. If it falls into the sea, it can clean many things. Einstein recognized the uniqueness, the drop of energy. But a drop of energy can do nothing without the atmosphere. Science works by omitting the atmosphere and only looking at the energy. That was the mistake. And I realized why science is blocked. But science and spirituality belong together. A balance is created and all problems are solved. Our body is like the universe, the same laws apply to every cell. Even for every atom. I have gained these insights through Sunyoga.

Has anyone ever questioned your statements and have you ever been scientifically examined while you were not sleeping and eating?

When I walked through India, I came to Lonavla. There is a yoga institute that investigates these phenomena. They took me to their laboratory for ten days. They did an EEG and heart ECG and certified that it was okay and that I was telling the truth. They also examined my eyes and it was all normal.

Are you married?

(With a smile) No. I feel connected to the universe.

What was your childhood like when you discovered spirituality?

I am lucky because my parents are both spiritual. When I was five, I listened to the lectures of a spiritual teacher in Begal. There was a connection and I could see into his heart and realized that he was not able to live what he preached to others. He had not known himself, but taught how to reach self-knowledge. Then I felt that there must be a law that can solve all our problems.

There are many types of yoga. Every guru thinks his is the best. How do you know which one is good?

There is a lot of confusion but it is very simple. A guru has not developed a great ego but is very modest and simple. I got the Sunyoga from society. It is my duty to serve society. The true gurus will never claim to be one. Because they know that “Guru” is in everyone, not just in them. They will never claim to be your guru, but they will simply and humbly appear.

What are your future plans and what is your mission?

My mission is to spread universal peace and brotherhood. To reach the solution of all problems through self-knowledge.

Thank you for speaking with us and good luck for your mission.


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