“Meditation auf die Sonne bringt Kenntnis über die Welten.”




Why Sungazing?

In order to live in harmony we do not only have to energize the physical body, rather we also have to energize all bodies, especially the mental and emotional body. If we do not so we cannot reach and maintain perfect health and wellbeing. The contact with the sun is essential for human beings to encounter these problems in an effective way. Sungazing provides a direct contact with the sun without roundabout ways. If Sungazing gets combined with sunbathe of the body, drinking sunwater and walking barefoot on natural ground it is an easy and free way to attain better health without needing the guidance of a master or guru.

If practiced regularly the results will be visible sooner, if not the effect is lower or turns out later. Nevertheless, if someone practices on a regular basis or not it is certain that Sungazing will have a positive effect on the practitioner. Success will always come. It just gets delayed for those who practice in intervals and with interruptions. Everyone will get success to a certain degree if one does this practice.

Why is Sungazing so important? The brain, mind and body unfold their full potential only if they get more energy e.g. through Sungazing. Our brain contains huge amount of neurons which are very important for the efficiency of the brain. It is like a supercomputer which HRM calls the ‚Brainuter‘. Through Sungazing the amount of neurons increases and they get healthier and more efficient. This enlarges the capacity of the supercomputer which allowed it to take care of our health and higher abilities. Through the eyes the light enters our brain which leads to wonderful changes in our supercomputer and as a result in the mind and body.

The nature has codified unlimited possibilities within us which are mostly inactive. Once activated and awakened they heal our mind and body. HRM proved amongst many other people that a human being can nurture oneself over a great period of time only from the energy of the sun without needing any extra nutrition. The Sungazing method is used to lead all psychosomatic, mental and physical suffering back to its natural health. Furthermore Sungazing helps to get better memory and to improve the mental skills. In just a few month after one has began to practice  Sungazing regularly on a daily basis many of the mental problems will be solved or improved. Through time one develops the self confidence to encounter the challenges of life. Fears are overcome, even to the point of death. In the end it is possible to be free of mental disorders and fears – the mind is clear and balanced. Within the next months the practitioner slowly and steadily frees itself from the physical weaknesses and diseases. Where you once needed breaks the power is maintained now. At the end of the recommended practice period, there is usually a noticeable change in what you are, how you are, and in what amounts. In the ideal case it goes even that far that you hardly have to eat something to the extend that you can fully nurture yourself through light. At the same time many need significantly less sleep to be rested and fit.

Many people experience after the Sungazing process that they have less hunger. Some can live more and more of the light as they expand their practice and live for days, weeks and even months without regular food or no food at all. This is one reason why people practice Sungazing. However, some practitioner tease out the sheer pleasure of having better health and vision, greater tolerance of light, a tangible reduction in stress, and a reduction in physical ailments that have become so prevalent in our modern world. Sungazing also has the effect of replenishing vitamin D during the safe hours of Sungazing.

Sungazing can have special results in its advanced practice, including the most famous one for Sungazing: Breatharianism (light food). Mankind’s history shows many examples of people who could live mostly or completely without physical food. Even today there are many living examples, such as HRM, Sunyogi Umasankar or Prahlad Jani. The Royal Medical University of London stated in 1922 that sunrays are the ideal food for humans. Nevertheless no one has published the technique. Paramahansa Yogananda for example questioned many saints and mystics to decipher their ability to live without physical food in his book „The Autobiography of a Yogi“. The general answer was that the solar energy enters through a secret door into the brain, especially into the medulla oblongata. They have never revealed their secret of how this is made possible. The knowledge of this was lost to humanity and only a few initiates knew the way. The experience from many years of experience and reports of practitioners shows that Sungazing leads only in the ideal case to complete light nutrition, the far more frequent effect that every user can notice is a change in diet to light and natural foods and a significant reduction in the amount needed. Only more competent methods such as Sunmeditation and Sunyoga can offer most users a livelihood without physical food.

Sungazing, this wonderfully simple method is based on pure solar energy, which harmonizes the body, it gets literally filled up with life energy and helps to awaken and apply the infinite powers of the mind slumbering in all of us. And the worst of all suffering, as Buddha would argue, is spiritual ignorance, which gets eradicated at the same time.

The need for food leads to massive exploitation of resources, animals and people. Animals get their energy from plants and plants from the sun. With Sungazing we learn to reconnect with the direct source. Imagine the effect on humanity if every human being would take care of himself in this way. Just as daily hygiene contributes to physical health, sun practice can serve mental, emotional and even spiritual hygiene. Through Sungazing everyone can easily and free of charge enjoy an inner sun shower and thus attain a state of mind and body that becomes more and more ideal and produces what everyone longs for: lasting pure health and happiness. One only has to understand the practice of Sungazing and … start :).

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