“Wer sagte, dass Gott gut sei, der täte ihm ebenso unrecht, als wer die Sonne schwarz hieße.”

Meister Eckhart



0-15 min

0 to 15 minutes

Duration: 3 to 8 month

If you have reached the duration of 3 to 8 months you are able to look continuously for 15 minutes into the sun.

What happens when you reach 15 minutes of Sungazing?

The healing phase
The additional and unadulterated energy of the sun is used to clean up disharmony in thinking and feeling. Humans use three bodies, one mental, one emotional and one physical. Sungazing in the first phase of 0 to 15 minutes has particular influence on the first two, thus on our thinking and our emotions. So you will discover the following during this time:

Mental body

    • Freedom of thought
    • Better concentration
    • Refined senses
    • „Positive thinking“
Emotional body
    • Moments of gratuitous joy
    • Equanimity in otherwise rousing situations
    • „Negative“ emotions are no longer dominant
    • Peace of mind
    • More self-confidence, self-respect, calm and inner freedom

You will recognize this by the fact that less and less mental tensions and worries occur. You will develop the self-confidence to face the challenges of life with a positive attitude, rather than a negative one.

People have good and bad qualities. In the absence of sunlight we develop bad qualities. Once the energy of sunlight reaches our brain, we develop good qualities and replace the formerly bad ones. Bad qualities fade away. Anger, greed, dissatisfaction, disappointment, restlessness, jealousy and more will gradually leave you. Through the more noticeable unconditional joy, you become a more loving and lovable being.

In addition, depression will disappear. Medically, chronic sadness is associated with a lack of sunlight. With the practice of Sungazing you will not experience depression throughout your life. You will achieve a balanced mind that will release more and more possibilities. Everyone has a mental imbalance in some way, which is the biggest problem of humanity. This can be solved by the proper use of sunlight.

15 - 30 min

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