“Lass der Sonne Glanz verschwinden, wenn es in der Seele tagt: Wir im eig’nen Herzen finden, was die ganze Welt versagt.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




To practice Sungazing you don’t need any workshop :). All necessary information can be found on this website. If you want more information, you will find more in this book.

Sungazing alone already has enormous effects on mind and body, and for many this is enough. To protect the eyes, however, Sungazing can only be practiced in the first or last hour of sunshine a day and the duration of the practice can only be increased daily in 10-second increments.

If you want to lift this limitation and practice at all times as long as you want, with all the resulting benefits and effects on mind and body, we recommend that you learn Sunmeditation. Due to the significantly higher intensity of the solar radiation, this technique is only taught in workshops for safety reasons.

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